What is on the CD?

There is a lot of software on this CD to help you get the most of your explorations in Mono.  Here is a partial list:
    Desktop Applications (written in Mono)
        Beagle - Desktop Search
        Blam - Blog Reader
        F-Spot - Photo Album
        Muine - Music Player
        Tomboy - Simple Note-Taking
    Web Applications (ASP.NET)
        ASP.NET Forums - 1.0 on PostgreSQL
        BlogX - Weblog Engine
        IBuySpy - Portal on PostgreSQL
        mojoPortal - Community Portal
        nGallery - Web Photo Gallery

    Developer Tools (Mono and non-Mono)
        MonoDevelop - Mono IDE
        Monodoc - Documentation Browser
        Glade - GTK+ / Gtk# GUI Builder
        PostgreSQL- Advanced Open Source Database
        pgAdmin III - Graphical PostgreSQL Administration and Development Tool
    Other Useful Tools
        FireFox - Web Browser
        Gaim - Multi-protocol Messaging Client
        GIMP - Image Editor
        XChat IRC - Internet Relay Chat Client (configured to connect to fellow Mono users)

Who is responsible for this?

These people directly supported the production of this CD.

    Joseph Hill – Creator / Owner / Maintainer
    Ben Maurer – Testing / Oversight / Mono Contributor
    Brandon Hale – Master of Mono on Ubuntu
    Paco Martinez – Windows Installers

Along with these people, this CD would not be possible without the Mono Project developers (of course!), the contributors to each of the great projects that are included with the CD, as well as the Ubuntu contributors for providing such a great starting place, and support for custom LiveCDs.

Can I help?

There are lots of directions this project can go.  We need tutorials, new Mono projects, and lots of testing.

We are currently setting up a source repository account to manage the scripts to build the CD, as well as all of the custom code and documentation that are included on the CD.  

If you have encountered any bugs, bugzilla will be online shortly, but in the meantime please feel free to email monolive@mono-live.org with bugs, comments, or suggestions.